8 Things Only People Living in Hong Kong Will Understand

Ah, Hong Kong: the (not so) fragrant harbour, the Pearl of the Orient. With a highly dense population of seven million people, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan city and forget the little things that make Hong Kong one of a kind.

Here are 8 things categorised under the four big necessities of life – 衣, 食,  住, 行 (Clothing, Food, Living, and Transport) that only people living in Hong Kong will understand.

衣 / Clothing

1. Street Markets

Forget Forever 21. From socks, to knock-off designer bags, to Halloween costumes, street markets are your go-to for cheap clothing and accessories.

Success Kid Meme - Hong Kong Bargain Shopping
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2. Mini Malls

The hidden gems of the shopping world, mini malls like Island Beverly and Argyle Centre are your one-stop shop for clothes, manicure, and even piercings.

Argyle Centre Mong Kok – Hong Kong Shopping Blog
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食 / Food

3. Convenient Stores

Did you know that 7-Eleven has 950 stores in the 1.16 square kilometres of Hong Kong ? Never fear, 7-11 is near.

Density of 7-Eleven in Hong Kong
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4. Street Food Vendors

The best smell of winter is the smell of roasted chestnuts. Also, shout out to the egg waffle and fish ball guy on the corner for always saving me from starvation.

Street Food in Hong Kong – What to do when starving while shopping
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住 / Living

5. Expensive Real Estate

Looking for a new apartment? Say goodbye to your entire savings account.

Hong Kong's expensive real estate
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6. Multi-Purpose Buildings

Only in Hong Kong would small shops, budget hotels, and restaurants be your next door neighbours. Think Chungking Mansions: great exchange rates, delicious Indian food, and (shady?) accommodation all in one place.

Shops, Restaurants, Accommodations All in One – Chungking Mansions
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行 / Transport

7. Minibuses

Having to scream “yau lok” from the back of the bus so the red minibus driver can hear you and stop driving at 100mph. And that relief from anxiety when he puts up his hand to acknowledge your desperate cry was received.

Hong Kong Travels: Minibus Meme
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8. The MTR during rush hour

Don’t lie. It’s happened to the best of us.

Awkward Penguin Meme - Hong Kong MTR
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