Hong Kong Chinese New Year Markets

Happy Year of the Goat! 新年進步!

The HiStreet team wishes you a healthy, prosperous new year! 祝大家今年「喜氣羊羊」!

Although most of the local shops are closed, sometimes even for a whole week, it doesn’t mean you are stuck without any options for shopping. You can soak in the new year atmosphere by browsing the week-long Chinese New Year Markets that pop up throughout the city. We visited the market at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay to experience the new year vibe. The markets have ended on Thursday early morning, so we hope you can experience the hustle and bustle through our photos here.


Chinese New Year Market in Hong Kong 年宵花市

Fresh flowers at Chinese New Year Market, Hong Kong

The New Year Markets are also called “Flower Markets”, because fresh flowers are the main attraction for customers. In additional to the Chinese New Year standards such as peach blossoms, orchids, and narcissus, one can see a large variety of other beautiful flowers to display in their homes.

A lot of the vendors also sell home goods and toys that are related to the new year. Aren’t the little stuffed animal sheep adorable?!




Chinese New Year red pockets

Street vendors at Chinese New Year Market

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Market 2015

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