Shops of Pan Hoi Street

In our previous post, we gave you a little history about a small street near our office, Pan Hoi Street (濱海街). The shops along this street in Quarry Bay are perfect examples of ones with a local Hong Kong flavour.

Shops for Every Local Need

Home goods stores are great one-stop shops in Hong Kong. Don’t let their small store fronts fool you; they manage to carry such a variety of inventory! Usually they sell anything from pad locks to paint brushes, seasonal decorations to kitchen essentials. On Pan Hoi Street you can find 2 of them: the popular chain Man Fung Department Store (萬豐家居百貨) and family-run shop Tin Yau (天佑), which has been there for over 30 years.

Local home goods store in Hong Kong 香港雜貨舖

Chinese home goods in Hong Kong

Other miscellaneous shops include the hardware store Lok Kee (樂記五金), Glory Printing Company (明輝印刷), and various flower shops.

One can also find small raw food shops that sell seafood, meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. In Hong Kong, such shops usually congregate together to form a food market where one can buy the freshest ingredients for home cooking. A lot of these markets have migrated indoors for land use and hygiene reasons, but the few shops here on Pan Hoi Street remain on street level.

Hanging pipes in Hong Kong

Fresh flowers at the market, Hong Kong

Wet market shops in Hong Kong

Local grocery shopping in Hong Kong

Although the retail area of Pan Hoi Street only stretches for one block, local residents can find most of their daily essentials here. Most times the merchandise spills out onto the pavement and even the road, and it becomes such a lively scene!

What types of shops do you frequent? And what types would you like to know more about? Leave a comment as we’d love to hear about your shopping habits!

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