Wan Chai Toy Street 灣仔玩具街

Tai Yuen Street in Wan Chai was nicknamed “Toy Street” for good reason: within 140 metres, you can find a nice variety of shops and street vendors selling toys. Don’t mistake this for a place that is kids-only; people of all ages look for toys here since the shops sell not just traditional toys but also collectable action figures and plastic models. Basically this is a heaven for fans of Lego, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Gundam, etc.

位於灣仔的太原街,又名為「玩具街」,顧名思義是玩具發燒友的聖地。在140米之內,你可以找到不同的店鋪和小販賣玩具。這玩具聖地不單是小朋友的好去處;太原街的店鋪可以說是老少咸宜。它們售賣的,除了有傳統的娃娃、遊戲之外,更有具收藏價值的盒蛋和模型。這真的是樂高、Hello Kitty、星戰、高達迷的天堂。

Legos and stuffed animals in Hong Kong toy shops

Wan Chai Toy Street – Tai Yuen Street

Stickers and toys galore in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

There are 3 shops that are great for seeking toys for kids:

  • Gifts & Toys House
  • Yat Sing Toys
  • Fu Chong Toys


  • 禮品屋
  • 日昇玩具
  • 富昌玩具

Where to buy cheap toys in Hong Kong

Toy shop in Wan Chai market, Hong Kong

And if you’re looking for collectables, legos, plastic models, check out these shops:

  • Hung Hing Toys
  • Freeway Toys


  • 鴻興玩具
  • 縱橫行玩具

Buying Legos and model cars in Hong Kong


How to get to Tai Yuen Street: At Wan Chai MTR Station exit A3, walk across Johnston Road.
前往太原街方法:灣仔地鐵站 A3出口 莊士敦道對面。

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