Upstairs Fashion Shops of Fashion Walk

Just a few steps away from Sogo in Causeway Bay, Fashion Walk is a unique shopping area that is out of the ordinary. There are not only top brands like Adidas and I.T, but also some independent designers hidden inside the high-rise buildings. With high rent in Hong Kong, these designers chose to rent upstairs units. This creates an exclusive atmosphere where you can hunt for extraordinary products.


As hinted in the name, Ink hits you with a strong dark sense when you first step inside the boutique. This darkened fashion boutique features Europe pioneer designers, using dark inclinations as their theme, with plenty of leather and metal, together with rough textures on the walls.

Leather fashion at Ink in Causeway Bay

Yet, with this black mist, the style of the clothes here surprisingly fits with the night view of Hong Kong. When everything is clouded in darkness, the rough outlines and sharp textures melt into the energy of the night.

Dark style clothing at Ink in Causeway Bay

The brands sold at Ink include Carol Christian Poell, Boris Bidjan Saberia, Guidi, MA+ and Reinhard Plank. Although the atmosphere is so dark, the shop Ink inside Hyde Park Mansion is just like a little jewel box, containing charming traditional garment crafts and insist on featuring unique design.

Accessories at Ink in Causeway Bay

Address: Shop 2A, 2/F, 53 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 14:00-22:00


Volare is a concept shop located upstairs in Fashion Walk by a local leatherware designer, Franco Yeung. If you turn left when entering the shop, you will fill your senses with wood floors creaking, leather aroma and warm light. However, be careful not to open the right door because the landlord lives there!

Leather shoes at Volare in Causeway Bay

Franco was once a student studying architecture, then worked as an interior designer, followed by studying fashion in Italy and Israel, before he finally created his own brand Volare in Hong Kong in 2008. The first Volare shop was opened in Hung Hom and attracted a number of fans. From shoes to briefcase, as well as mobile phone cases and jewellery, Volare also sells products by other designers.

Leather shoes at Volare in Causeway Bay

Selling products by other designers is also helps Volare build a good reputation even in places outside Hong Kong, for example Mainland, Japan and Singapore. Franco was attracted to rent this shop because of the small balcony that overlooks the busy sidewalk. However, the shop doesn’t get many walk-in customers due to its upstairs location, so be sure to make an appointment before visiting.

Local leather designer at Volare in Causeway Bay

Franco is not worried about the future of the shop because there will always be a demand for handmade leather goods. He also sold his products at PMQ, yet there is nowhere that can better represent the uniqueness of his own brand except this small shop in Fashion Walk.

Address: Shop 2B, 2/F, 51 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay
Opening Hours: By appointment only
Phone: 36918072

Secret Corner

Secret Corner, located at Fairview Mansion, is a place with all the small items that girls love: Japanese shoes, cosmetic skin care, household goods with adorable cat patterns, as well as special ceramic pots. Secret Corner interprets life from a unique perspective, up on its higher level looking over Patterson Street.

Girls accessories at Secret Corner in Causeway Bay

The shop utilizes the large windows for natural light, making the shop bright and warm. Unlike the usual Hong Kong shops packed full of goods, Secret Corner gives customers a sense of space – even the dressing room is spacious. The enthusiastic staff gives customers the freedom to browse around without constantly hovering over them, only explaining each item when necessary.

Accessories at Secret Corner in Causeway Bay

Indeed, every store in Fairview Mansion is special. However, Secret Corner is definitely a popular one. Each product, whether they be cute stickers, umbrellas, or fine watches, is priced reasonably such that no customer can withstand the temptation and will bring at least one or two items home.

Japanese fashion at Secret Corner in Causeway Bay

Secret Corner
Address: Shop 2A, 2/F, 51 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:30-21:30

Although rental prices in Hong Kong are always rising, there are still stores where you can find upstairs, breeding creativity and leading the trend. These upstair shops are great on social networks, which link designers, merchants and customers together. You may try to visit the Tong Lau buildings in Fashion Walk next time and enjoy exploring the maze there!

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