Frequently Asked Questions

What’s with the name “HiStreet”?
Our name is a friendly play on “High Street”, a common street name usually packed with shops. We thought “hi” and a wave would sum up our company vision and culture.

HiStreet is so handy! Are you going to charge money for it?
Never! HiStreet will always be free to download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. We believe that useful information like ours should stay free for you to browse without any annoying adverts.

Where can I download the HiStreet app?
We are hard at work preparing for the first version of HiStreet on iOS and Android. Please sign up to be notified when our app is out!

I’m a business owner and want to make sure I’m listed.
That’s great! We are currently going street by street to index businesses in Hong Kong, but we’d love to be in touch if you’re interested in working together.

I’m looking for a restaurant near me. Why isn’t it on HiStreet?
Hong Kong already has a great database for restaurants and bars, so we’re here to cover all other businesses you will find on the street. Check out the scope of our coverage of shops and services here.

Are you hiring?
Yes, there is a variety of opportunities at HiStreet for motivated individuals. Email us to learn more about joining our growing team.